Discovery of “your self”

Welcome into your body and mind

The sessions I offer aim at connecting universal energy to your own vital strength in order to :

The sessions help to free your hidden emotions, engraved in your body’s memory. The more you let go to the experience, the more you open yourself to what I call « the touch of the heart »

In a warm and dim atmosphere, I accompany you so you can feel like « you are going on a journey ». A complimentary cup of herbal tea at the end offers a good opportunity to discuss your session.

One session alone allows an intense relaxation that lasts well beyond the treatment. Several sessions enable to work deeper on a specific theme.

The treatments are suitable for everyone : children, teenagers, and people with a physical or mental disability. They are particularly suitable for pregnant women. They are not medically orientated.

« Health is the real wealth. Take care of your body »


Energetic treatment by pressures and stretching

Shiatsu comes from Japan, and has its origins in the traditional Chinese medicine, which is 3000 years old. It means “finger pressures” and aims at harmonizing the energy that circulates in the body. A dash of Korean relaxation opens your body up totally.

The treatment is given by applying hand pressures, for example thumb pressures, stretching and gentle mobilizations along the meridians. It brings wellbeing and relaxation.

Shiatsu :

55 € / Ceous - 1h treatment and a total of 1h30

75 € / Ceous - 1h30 treatment and a total of 2h (Shiatsu and Thaï)

45 € / Ceous for children - 3/4h treatment and a total of 1h

On the floor, dressed with comfortable and long clothes

NEW : some health care insurances can refund your Shiatsu session !
Please contact me or ask to your health mutual.

Californian Massage

Enveloping oil treatment

The Californian Massage has a global approach that seeks for both relaxation and awakening of a psychophysical awareness. This massage uses slow, long and fluid mouvements which provide a deep physical and mental relaxation.

Starting with soft, enveloping and relaxingstrokes, the mouvements follow each other, intensifying progressively to relieve your deepest tensions.

The Californian massage helps relieve the physical and mental tensions. It also helps with :

I use organic oil for this treatment

60 Euros / Ceous - 1h treatment and a total of 1h30

80 Euros / Ceous - 1h30 treatment and a total of 2h

50 € / Ceous for children - 3/4h treatment and a total of 1h

On table, in your underwears

NEW : a massage with hot stones !
Incorporate basalt hot stones in your Californian Massage for a deeper relaxation and durable benefits.
5 Euros / Ceous more for each massage

Energetic session

Energetic treatment laying on of hands

Very old technic of energetic treatment that also comes from Japan, it is both subtle and powerful. It enhances the harmonious circulation of body energy, to recharge your batteries and heal you and your pains.

It gives your body increased energy which will naturally direct itself to the part of your body that needs it the most, energetic treatment is a treatment without massage or manipulation of the body.

The goal of energetic treatment is to connect your Universal Energy with your own vital force in order to :

55 Euros / Ceous - 1h treatment and a total of 1h30

45 € / Ceous for children - 3/4h treatment and a total of 1h

On a massage table, fully clothed

Traditionnal Thaï Massage

Energetic treatment by mobilization of the whole body

The traditional massage from Thaïland, commonly called Thaï massage, takes from both Chinese and Ayurvedic ancient medicines. It is made of a series of yoga postures realised by the masseuse with your body.

By alternating deep pressures, stretches and delicate strokes, the thaï massage provides the same sensations and benefits as a yoga session.

The massage allows to :

55 Euros / Ceous - 1h treatment and a total of 1h30

45 € / Ceous for children - 3/4h treatment and a total of 1h

On table, dressed with comfortable and long clothes

Écoute ESPERE®

Better live one’s relationships with one’s “self-love”

This session is based on the ESPERE® Method, which is a relationship pedagogy with a therapeutic aim implemented by the psycho-sociologist Jacques Salomé

Starting from a specific situation, a connection with your subconscious slowly takes place, using the external visualization and some meaningful objects

One session usually helps to clarify a situation and helps you relax. I can also accompany you through a deeper work. The ESPERE® Method is an analysis and a clarification of a concrete situation

It helps :

I offer sessions exclusively in French.

55 Euros / Ceous - a total of 1h15

45 € / Ceous for children - a total of 1h

Sitting on chairs, facing each-others, in French only

It is possible to add a listening ESPERE® session to a Shiatsu massage, which enables to link your psychological work to your body sensations and go a bit further in the sub conscious work.

95 Euros / Ceous - a total of 2h45

55 € / Ceous for children - a total of 1h30

Gift card

Help someone open up to the benefits of massages

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The gift card’s beneficiary can then contact me to make an appointment whenever suitable.


Workshops and conferences

I organise and co-organise introductory massage courses to the ESPERE® Method through the whole year, in our wellbeing space in the heart of Gourdon.

Finally, through the Agapé association, I offer a monthly conference on very varied subjects in connection with the well-being and self-development.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about special events or to subscribe on the distribution list.

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A few words…

About my trainings and the sessions

I am a body therapist since 2009 :

I organise workshops to teach the Friendly Communication with the ESPERE® Method in schools, companies, hospitals, etc.

I also teach the Shiatsu in the School Shiatsu Formation Pro, in the Lot with Hélène BLANDIN :

Lastly I propose a support for therapists who want to develop their own activity.

I welcome you in the Keiro Space, dedicated to well-being and therapy, in the heart of the town of Gourdon, above the library Des livres et vous.

Means of payment accepted: cheques, and cash Euros and Ceous (local money that can be obtained on the market of Gourdon and on

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